Custom Metal Designs, Oakland FL

At Custom Metal Designs, Our commitment to provide quality and customer service is proven in our combination of highly skilled personnel, experienced application engineers, and cutting edge equipment. Making us the leading provider of container handling systems for over 30 years. In addition to our On-Demand Laser Cutting services in Orlando, Custom Metal Designs manufactures conveyor systems, custom metal products and custom fabrication, prototyping and container handling equipment all in-house at our Oakland FL facility.

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Professional Services


Our highly trained and professional installation professionals offer full service on-site installation, whether it’s new Custom Metal Designs equipment or a modification to your existing equipment.

Cabling and Splicing

Full on-site cable installation, repair, and splicing on your existing cable conveyors.

Free Quotations

We offer free layouts and quotations and can send a technician to service your conveyor system, as well as your automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Maintenance & Repair

Custom Metal Designs offers maintenance and repair services on our equipment, or existing equipment you utilize.

Stepping Up To Custom Metal Designs Leaves Downtime Behind!

The requirements for Container Handling and Conveyor Systems vary widely, therefore it takes a unique combination of highly trained personnel and precision equipment to meet the exact specifications of each job. At Custom Metal Designs we’ve made a long-term investment in both … and the results are obvious!

Production Line Efficiency Is Designed Into Every Part Of Your System

Maximizing the use of your plant floor space is accomplished by combining a variety of standard system modules (straight sections, curves & elevators) with custom engineered sections that meet the specific needs of your production area. Unlike some mechanical systems, Custom Metal Air Conveyors are ideal for high-speed container applications. By reducing the number of moving parts our Conveyor Systems have fewer maintenance problems, which equates to far less downtime.Plus, versatility is also a key ingredient. Ours offers quick adjust side rails and neck guides to ensure a quick and effective line change.

For all your container handling and custom metal fabrication needs, Custom Metal Designs offers everything from container handling equipment to complex conveyor systems. For manufacturing, on site assembly, installation, start up, and testing; Custom Metal Designs can do it all.