Stepping Up To Custom Metal Designs Leaves Downtown Behind!

The requirements for Air Conveyor Systems vary widely, therefore it takes a unique combination of highly trained personnel and precision equipment to meet the exact specifications of each job. At Custom Metal Designs we’ve made a long-term investment in both … and the results are obvious!

Production Line Efficiency Is Designed Into Each And Every Part Of Your System

Maximizing the use of your plant floor space is accomplished by combining a variety of standard system modules (straight sections, curves & elevators) with custom engineered sections that meet the specific needs of your production area. Unlike some mechanical systems, Custom Metal Air Conveyors are ideal for high-speed container applications. By reducing the number of moving parts our Air Conveyor Systems have fewer maintenance problems, which equates to far less downtime.Plus, versatility is also a key ingredient. Ours offers quick adjust side rails and neck guides to ensure a quick and effective line change.