Custom Metal Design’s Annealing Unit

The unit eliminates the problems associated with unstabilized, blow molded bottles. Curing high density polyethylene bottles with the CMD1100 allows for immediate and accurate filling, while cutting unnecessary storage and handling costs. Built to last, with all-stainless steel construction and standard neck cooling rails, the CMD 1100 assures in-line volume tric stability and virtually eliminates under/overfilling.


  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Variable-Speed Conveyor
  • Water Cooled Guide Rails
  • Standard Neck cooling Rails
  • In-Line Curing
  • Volumetric Quality Control


  • Eliminates Volume Insert Downtime
  • Eliminates Under/Overfilling
  • Reduces Scrap & Labor Costs
  • Eliminates Delays & Space Requirements of Offline Curing