Custom Metal Designs “Next Generation” Automatic Debagger

The Most Automated Bottle Debagger in the Industry!

CMD’s newly designed automatic debagger/destacker system will reduce labor and increase bottle throughput in your system.  This machine was designed by a  “hands on” engineer with years of experience in the industry.

An operator will place a stack of bundles to the left and right of the destacker.  The destacker is servo driven and is intelligent enough to sense if an operator would place or take away a bundle from the stack.  It also automatically senses when a new stack is in place by sensors in the bundle stacking area.  If slip sheets are used an optional upgrade to remove the slip sheets is available.

Once the bundle is squared up with the shuffle mechanism, a pusher assembly will move the bundle to the bag removal station.  Once in position, the automated Hot Knife Assembly will open the bag and gripper rollers will engage the open bag and remove the bag from the array.  The removed bag will be conveyed to a remote receptacle or optional compactor.

The bundle will be moved forward to the accumulation table to be automatically  separated and slide discharged on to the filing line.