You need faster, more efficient material handling.

We make a firm commitment to our customers that through innovative designs, cutting edge technology and an experienced engineering team our conveyor systems will keep you up and running.

Our conveyor product line includes:


Sanitary Table Top Conveyors

Vacuum Conveyor
Air Conveyor

Stepping Up To Custom Metal Designs Leaves Downtime Behind!

The requirements for Conveyor Systems vary widely, therefore it takes a unique combination of highly trained personnel and precision equipment to meet the exact specifications of each job. At Custom Metal Designs we’ve made a long-term investment in both … and the results are obvious!

Production Line Efficiency Is Designed Into Each And Every Part Of Your System

Maximizing the use of your plant floor space is accomplished by combining a variety of standard system modules (straight sections, curves & elevators) with custom engineered sections that meet the specific needs of your production area. Unlike some mechanical systems, Custom Metal Conveyors are ideal for high-speed container applications. By reducing the number of moving parts our Conveyor Systems have fewer maintenance problems, which equates to far less downtime.Plus, versatility is also a key ingredient. Ours offers quick adjust side rails and neck guides to ensure a quick and effective line change.