Today’s manufacturing plants must keep an eye on safety. To make the safe path the easy path, Custom Metal Designs offers Stairs & Platforms and crossovers to allow operators move from one part of the production line to another in a safe and quick manner. Ducking under conveyors, walking on conveyors or walking around equipment using aisles shared by lift trucks is not best way for operators, quality control people or maintenance technicians to move to an area that they need to reach.  All of our platforms and crossovers are custom made to make access to any part of the production area the quickest and safest route.

Features to note;

Stairways and platforms are welded aluminum. This means light weight and easy to move as needed. No maintenance, no painting.  Always a clean look.

  • Stairways and handrails are bolt on and removable for access to other equipment when necessary.
  • Modular design makes the units easy to ship and easy to assemble.

So make easy access to those hard to reach areas by calling Custom Metal Designs and let one of our application assistants work with you to design the custom platform or crossover that you need.